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About Savvy Selling International

Sav-vy Sell-ing In-ter-na-tion-al \'sav-e 'sel-ing int-er-'nash-nel\ n :where sales professionals, sales executives and small business owners - from all industries, situations and countries - come for tips, talks and tools to close more sales, more quickly and for more money.

Our philosophy: Life is complex. We try to keep selling as simple as possible.

Our founder: Michelle Nichols, supported by a network of hundreds of experts. Try us!

Our offerings:

1. Sales tips - posted weekly (hopefuly, not weakly) on our blog. We'll make them available through Facebook, Linked In and Twitter too.

2. Sales talks - workshops, keynotes, sales training and breakout sessions. Live or online, in small groups or large conferences - however you need sales information delivered, we'll make it happen for you.

3. Sales tools - books, workbooks, CDs, consulting, and more! Check back often to see what's new!

Our history: created the Savvy Selling column for Michelle Nichols in November, 2001. Yes, just after our country's terrible tragedy, Michelle started sharing her wisdom and encouragement. Every two weeks for the next six years, she wrote a column on some aspect of how to grow sales. BusinessWeek sent each column out to over 200,000 subscribers around the world. Readers wrote back to Michelle with their questions, comments - and invitations to speak and consult.

Michelle left Savvy Selling International in January 2008 and for the next 19 months, created the successful Hug Your Kids Today project.

In September 2009, Michelle re-launched Savvy Selling International.

Need a great speaker? A good sales book? Have a tough sales problem?

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