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STOP Selling. START Closing Sales.

Welcome! At Savvy Selling International, we show companies how to grow their sales results, even in these challenging times. With our powerful tips, talks and tools, we teach sales teams how to avoid getting too busy with selling activities and help them focus on CLOSING sales. After all, isn't that the point?

We know you're busy. You need fast, fresh answers - and we've got 'em. Sure, it's important to sell well - but it's even more important to close well, and often. That's why our keynote is called, "Stop Selling. Start Closing Sales."

Only Three Paths to More Sales

Sales execuives, let's face it. There are only three ways to grow your sales - hire more salespeople, require your current sales team to sell for more hours evey day, or teach them how to close more of the prospects they already have.

We like the third choice. That's why the first workshop we're launching focuses on Increasing the closing ratio. Your sales team probably has fewer prospective customers, maybe far fewer, than they did a year ago. If they can close MORE of the customers they are already calling on, they can grow their sales, make more money, and be more successful with no more work, time or expense. Interested? Read on.

How Savvy Selling Can Help You

If you're like most companies, the sales process that worked so well just a few years ago isn't working as well today. Savvy Selling can help you with:

because you need meaty information quickly.
Michelle Nichols is a professional speaker, available to keynote, speak or train at your company or conference, either live or via the Web. She has spoken to corporations, associations and at conferences, from intimate round-tables to large convention halls. She's a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association.
Professionals in any field are only as good as their tools and their knowledge and skill in using those tools. Savvy Selling offers powerful sales tools and training to maximize your sales productivity - and results.

There are many ways that Savvy Selling International can help you grow your sales - and profits.

Please call Michelle Nichols toll-free at (877) 352-9684 or (775) 303-8201to discuss your situation today!

Michelle Nichols

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Michelle Nichols...
fomer Savvy Selling sales columnist and podcast host for and long-time sales pro and professional speaker. Put her sales savvy to work for you!
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