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Welcome to Members of the Media - representing Print, TV or Online!

Are you looking to interview someone who can make your audience laugh, think and perhaps even shed a tear? Who will grab your reader's or listener's attention and not let go? Interview Michelle Nichols for an exciting radio or TV show or article.

When you book or interview Michelle Nichols,

Your Audience will Stay Glued to your Show!

Michelle Nichols -

She's unique, inspirational and engaging.

She connects to both men and women.

Michelle Nichols has been a guest on countless radio and television shows around the world on the topic of how to sell more. Her ideas can help anyone, no matter whether they sell physical products, professional services or even just their opinions, ideas and points-of-view.

Book her for an appearance and find out why countless hosts and producers consider her one of their best guests - ever.!

Michelle is available by telephone and occasionally in studio.

Sample story ideas and a list of sample interview questions follow below. If you’d like more information, contact us.or please call tolll-free (877) 352-9684.

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Professional Qualifications of Michelle Nichols

• Sales columnist for

Top-rated podcast host for

• Long-time, experienced salesperson

• Successful 3-time Female Entrepreneur

• Professional speaker and consultant

• Familiar with most industries

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Thanks for being on my radio show, "Life, Business and Money." You really kept the audience engaged with your interesting stories and ideas. Please come back again soon.

Steve Kay, Radio Talk Show Host & Producer, Houston, TX
KSEV AM 700, "The Voice"


1. Update on new ideas on "How to Grow Your Sales." Everyone wants to know what's new in selling techniques and ideas. Michelle can talk on a wide range of sales topics and answer almost any sales-related question. She's also funny and encouraging, but never rude. She'll keep your audience listening and cheering.

2. Strategies to Create Outrageous Business Opportunities
In late 2001, Michelle wrote a Letter to the Editor and one day later, BusinessWeek created the Savvy Selling column just for her. She shares her sales wisdom and insights with their 200,000+ Small Biz subscribers and readers.

3. How to Connect to People Who Are Different
It's easy to sell to someone who's like you. Michelle has applied some fascinating Myers-Briggs studies to selling and shares how to identify and sell to people who have different personality styles than the sales rep. Whether they're introverts or extroverts, she'll teach your audience how to approach, present and close.

4. How Business Professionals Get Through a Tragedy and Rebuild a New Life

No matter whether they're the CEO or mail room clerk, at some point everyone is faced with loss, perhaps even a tragic loss. It doesn't matter whether it's an unexpected divorce, job loss or death or illness of a loved one. Through sharing her story of the sudden death of her eight-and-a-half year old son, she tells people how she rebuilt a new life and encourages your audience to rebuild new lives too.

What's special about Michelle Nichols?

1. Worldwide sales columnist for BusinessWeek Online.
Read by salespeople, business owners, vice presidents, dentists, doctors, teachers, lawyers, non-profit professionals, administrators and even engineers! She is read by folks all over the US and in over 50 countries around the world.

She has stories to connect to everyone, everywhere in every industry and situation.

2. Successful Entrepreneur.
Michelle founded and has run 5 of her own companies. After a successful sales career, she started and ran The Sales Coach in Mountain View, CA; Family Safe Inc. in Houston, TX, and in Reno, NV: Hug Your Kids LLC, Work-Life Priorities and Savvy Selling International.

She knows what it's like to worry about making payroll, hiring, firing, marketing, planning, and of course, selling!

3. Eternal optimist
Especially for call-in or write-in situations, Michelle can help other people find the humor or silver lining in just about every situation.

4. And more...
Michelle Nichols speaks like she writes because she writes like she speaks - concisely and creatively. She brings her own stories and insights to her audiences, fresh from her life and her imagination.

If you're looking for new ideas, or time-tested ones updated clothing, Michelle is a great resource for stories, articles and other media pieces. Her two areas of expertise are:

1. anything relating to selling and building connections with customers and co-workers.

2. how professionals can rebuild their businesses and lives after a loss or a tragedy

One message, many forms
While many first learn of Michelle through her Savvy Selling columns in BusinessWeek Online, she is just as accomplished in her professional speaking and consulting. She has been interviewed on television and radio and spoke at ASAE's Marketing and Membership Symposium in 2004. She is the author of several sales CD's, including Savvy Selling 101, Overcoming the Price Objection and ONE BIG IDEA to Rocket Your Sales.

Universal message
Michelle's columns have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese and even Hungarian. They have been reprinted in Water Well Journal, Vistage (formerly TEC Online,) the Daily Court Reporter, and a wide variety of corporate business publications.

She has a national - and international - point-of-view. Michelle has lived on all three coasts of the U.S. - East, West and South - and has spent time in the Midwest too. She has traveled and spoken internationally and hears from readers all over the US and the world.

For an interview with Michelle that's sure to be interesting and entertaining, contact her at toll-free at (877) 352-9684 or

Company Facts
Michelle Nichols is the founder, president and sole-owner of Savvy Selling International. Established in late 2001, her company is headquartered in Reno, NV.

Michelle is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association. She is not only a speaker, she is also a life-long student, always searching for the best way to deliver the most current sales information and strategies.

Michelle wrote a bi-weekly sales column, called Savvy Selling, for for 6 years. She also recorded 45 Savvy Selling podcast for Many other publications, both electronic and printed, have carried reprints of Michelle's columns. She writes and creates her own sales CD's, guides and books.

Sample Interview Questions - click here.

For an interview with Michelle that's sure to be interesting and entertaining, contact her at toll-free at
(877) 352-9684, direct at (775) 303-8201 or


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