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Sales Tools and Products

Sales Tools and Products from
Savvy Selling AND our
Trusted Associates

Would you trust a carpenter who showed up to work for you with just one old hammer?

Are you showing up to sell with just one old piece of sales training, maybe a class or a book from ages ago?

Invest in yourself! Get some new ideas, new books, CDs, and other sales tools.

They'll help you feel more confident and close more sales!

1. Savvy Selling Sales Tools and Products

The experts at Savvy Selling International have scoured the world looking for the very best sales tools. Michelle can't make them all. See the best that she's found and personally recommends. New products arriving monthly!

Sales is like most other jobs or sports.
If you have better tools, you'll produce better results.

If you want to earn more, you've got to learn more.

CLICK HERE for Savvy Selling Tools.

2. Sales Tools and Products from our Trusted Associates


Here's what I think about the book:

It's like reading the best ideas from 50 sales books all in one book."
- Michelle Nichols, Savvy Selling International

TO ORDER or learn more, CLICK HERE

2. Subliminal Power Software

Harness the power of your subconcious to sell more.
If you work on a computer, this software will flash messages that you've selected or created. You can use it to lose weight, improve your memory, be more decisive, and increase your success in your business or your personal life. I have had it installed on my main business computer for over a year. It's amazing!

Click here to learn about this very cool software!

I lost 8 pounds in the first week I had this on my computer.
Ruben Gonzales, 3-time Olympian

2. Amazon Top Ten

The last time I checked, Amazon offered over 4,340 sales books! Here are the Top Ten I believe belong on every professional salesperson's bookshelf. Books for beginners, B2B, the complex sale and even a Whack Pack.
Buy them. Read them. Apply them. Learn more...

3. Thinking Big and Perseverence

Are you afraid to think BIG when you're selling because you think you might not reach those goals? Meet my friend, Ruben Gonzalez.

He competed in the Olympics 3 times - and he didn't even start to train until he was 21 years old!

Ruben is one of the most inspirational people I've ever met. Now, he's recorded his story and advice for you so you can reach your goals - and become unstoppable!

Becoming Unstoppable: 1-hour CD $19.95 Click here
Becoming Unstoppable: DVD (video) $39.95 Click here



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