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Savvy Selling 101 Sales Tool


Savvy Selling 101:
How to Sell More, Sell Faster and Keep Smiling!

Program is approximately one hour long.

Sales is like most other jobs or sports.
If you have better tools, you'll produce better results.

If you want to earn more, you've got to learn more

Here's how to learn more quickly and easily.

Savvy Selling 101:
How to Sell More, Sell Faster and Keep Smiling!

New to sales - or just want a refesher? This CD is for you. It makes a great gift too!

And managers - they're cheaper by the dozen.

In this program, I've assembled 6 columns on the basics of sales, woven in some music, jokes, additional information and voila!

The hardest way in the world to learn sales is by trial and error. The easiest, fastest and greatest way to learn how to sell is to learn from the pros. I've been a sales superstar for over a dozen years. I've been Salesperson of the Year for a Fortune 500 company, opened several major accounts and grown lots of smaller accounts too.

Not everything in sales is obvious. Some of it is the opposite of obvious. Let me show you what I've learned the hard way so you can sell more and close faster the easy way.

In about one hour, you will learn how to:
$ get past the gatekeepers who try to block you from decision-makers
$ know what to say when prospects tell you "the economy is bad"
$ sell faster so you can either sell more or spend more time with your family
$ set you sales goals - and meet or beat them!
$ manage your most important asset - your attitude!

"I've already ordered the Savvy Selling 101 CD, and it was terrific. I listen to it on my commute to and from work. I was able to pick-up several ideas and plan to put them to use."

- Kenneth Baker, Lone Star Overnight

Here's what Savvy Selling 101 CD
looks like:

I love the CD. I listened to it several times. Some of the advice is so simple: Cuddle your customer. That seems so obvious and yet no one does. Thank you so much."

Felicia Allen, Lincoln, NE

"I have listened to it once and will listen over and over again. It is a great CD and I think will help me a lot. I still would like to take a training session from you sometime..."

Dori Hawks,

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Increase YOUR Sales NOW!

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Savvy Selling 101 today.


Other Savvy Selling Sales Tools

72 Ways to Overcome the Price Objection

one-hour CD $34.95
transcript $10 additional
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Sales Idea Generation Guide:
Generate YOUR Brilliant Ideas to Find New Customers and Close More Sales.

124-page workbook with 104 sales ideas. $39.95
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Savvy Selling Package #1 - Price Objection CD and Transcript +
Savvy Selling 101 CD and Transcript + a ONE BIG IDEA CD
ONLY $ 119.80- value $144.80 - SAVE $25.00!
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Savvy Selling Package #2 - Price Objection CD + Savvy Selling 101 CD +
ONLY $99.80 - value $124.80 - SAVE $20.00!
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Increase YOUR Sales NOW!

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Savvy Selling 101 today.


Savvy Selling Tools are great because:

  • You can use them to sell more today. They're jam-packed with useful information. No fluff, just lots of good, solid sales  ideas, strategies, stories and techniques.
  • You save the time and expense of going to a sales seminar. They're each one HOUR long, about as long as many sales speakers talk anyway.
  • They work for everyone - no matter whether you sell products or services - or both. They apply no matter what industry you're selling in or even what country you live in.
  • They help you turn your wasted travel or commute time into valuable learning time. And when you learn more, you can earn more!
  • This is good, solid sales advice that is up-to-date, easy to apply, given in real language and even read by the author - me!

To really get the most learning value out of the CD's, I'm making the transcripts available for only $10 more, so you can read the same material.

That way, when you're driving along and you hear a great idea, you don't have to write it down. You can refer to the transcript later.

And if you only want to read the material, or you want it RIGHT NOW, you can download the transcript as an e-book (coming soon.)

2 ways to win - CD or the CD with the transcript.

Order right now and we'll put them in the mail
within 48 hours.

90-day money-back, cheerful, guarantee.
MasterCard and Visa won't let me give you any longer.
You won't need it but I offer it anyway.

Other Great Sales Tools

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72 Ways to Overcome the Price Objection
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READ THIS if you've decided to wait and buy the sales tools later.

School's never out for the pro's. We expect doctors, teachers, and realtors to get continuing education. Why should sales be any different?

This audio program can help you earn literally thousands of dollars more this year.

Yet I'm selling it for only $24.95 each.

Why so low? To make it so easy for you to say "Yes" that you get started right now.

The cost of moving ahead is less than $25, including shipping.

The cost of tomorrow's lost sales could be much, much more than that. One of the biggest expenses I see today is not overpaying by a few dollars for something, it's the lost income from not taking advantage of a selling opportunity. Don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Your self-image as a winner is worth more than $25.

Your career is worth much more than that.

Heck, YOU are worth much more than that.

But I priced them at this "no-brainer" level so you wouldn't tell yourself all those things your customers tell you everyday - "you'll think it over, you have to check with someone else."

Besides, if you can't say Yes! To $24.95 today, how do you expect your customers to be able to say Yes! To what you're selling tomorrow?


Increase YOUR Sales NOW!

Click here to order
Savvy Selling 101 today.


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