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72 Ways to Overcome the Price Objection


What Your Customers DON'T Want
You to Know: 72 Ways to Overcome
the Price Objection

Sales is like most other jobs or sports.
If you have better tools, you'll produce better results.
If you want to earn more, you've got to learn more.

Program is approximately one hour long.

72 Ways to Overcome the Price Objection

Have you ever had a customer tell you your price is too high?
That's called the Price Objection.
This program is for you.

In this one-hour, information-packed program, learn six dozen ways to overcome this common, deal-stopping objection. Handle this hurdle and close more sales!

Welcome to the wonderful world of sales.

If you've been in sales for just a week, maybe even just one day, you've heard a client tell you that your product or service costs too much, is too expensive.

This CD can definitely improve your close rate and your profitability margin. Why? Because you probably already have a hot prospect in front of you. Now the sale is just down to the final "Yes" or "No." If you even get one more "Yes" out of four, your sales will grow by 25%. That's huge! - and possible, with a CD like this.

Outstanding! The most comprehensive and compelling information I've ever heard on the price objection. I just hope my competitors don't buy it but if they do, at least I'll know what they know. John Chapin, MRE, of Diebold Corporation

There's no one, works-every-time answer but the more answers you know - and use - the more sales you'll close! For your review, included are the Part 1 & 2 columns on this topic, followed by actual reader letters containing 72 great ideas on how to clear this hurdle and win the sale.

That's right - 72 readers - from all industries, from all over the world, with all levels of experience - wrote in and shared how they successfully overcome the price objection. I organized them by general strategy but I left them in their own words so it's like being in a room with 72 new friends, helping you to sell more.

I am positive you will find several ideas in this CD to help you close more sales. After you buy it, the next time you hear them tell you your price is too high, instead of feeling badly, you will actually be happy because you have 72 different ways to overcome it - and close the sale.

Here's how the CD looks:

72 Ways to Overcome the Price Objection

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Savvy Selling Tools are great because:

  • You can use them to sell more today. They're jam-packed with useful information. No fluff, just lots of good, solid sales  ideas, strategies, stories and techniques.
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  • They work for everyone - no matter whether you sell products or services - or both. They apply no matter what industry you're selling in or even what country you live in.
  • They help you turn your wasted travel or commute time into valuable learning time. And when you learn more, you can earn more!
  • This is good, solid sales advice that is up-to-date, easy to apply, given in real language and even read by the author - me!

To really get the most learning value out of the CD's, I'm making the scripts available for only $10 more, so you can read the same material.

That way, when you're driving along and you hear a great idea, you don't have to write it down. You can refer to the script later.

And if you only want to read the material, or you want it RIGHT NOW, you can download the script as an e-book (coming soon.)

2 ways to win - CD or the CD with the script.

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Your self-image as a winner is worth more than $35.

Your career is worth much more than that.

Heck, YOU are worth much more than that.

But I priced them at this "no-brainer" level so you wouldn't tell yourself all those things your customers tell you everyday - "you'll think it over, you have to check with someone else."

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