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Savvy Selling Podcasts

Michelle Nichols' weekly Savvy Selling podcasts are produced and distributed by Each 12-15 minute podcast features an interview with a sales expert on a specific sales topic. Podcast interview guests come from all around the world. Please enjoy - and if you or someone you know would make a great a great guest, please contact Michelle.

Note: A podcast is an audio interview recorded over the telephone. Listeners download it and play it on their computer or their iPod - hence the name "podcast."

  Guest Interviewed
All podcasts are
12-15 minutes long.

Mr. Zig Ziglar - former cookware salesman who became "the Master Motivator." A legendary sales speaker. Listen, learn - and earn!

For more info on Zig,

"Sales Guru Zig Ziglar"



Mr. Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE - author of landmark "Relationship Selling" in 1986 and 12 other books. Learn how to use his ideas to reach the top 1% of your field!

For more info on Jim Cathcart, go to

"Relationship Selling"


Ms. Jill Konrath, author of "Selling to BIG Companies," shares her secrets on how - and why - to crack those big accounts!

For more info. on Jill Konrath, go to

"Selling to Giants"



Dan Seidman, sales coach and author, has collected more than 600 sales horror stories and published 50 of them in the book "Sales Autopsy." He talks about closing a deal after disaster strikes.

For more info on Dan Seidman go to

"When Deals Go Bad"



Spencer Tillman, former professional football player and sports broadcaster, discusses three strategies to selling successfully when the pressure is on.

For more info on Spencer Tillman go to:

"Tillman Explains it All"



Lisa Johnson, author of the book "Mind Your X's and Y's" and CEO of consumer consulting firm the Reach Group, talks about how to sell more effectively to consumers ages 18 to 40.

For more info on Lisa Johnson, go to

"Reaching for Revenue: Selling to Generations X and Y"



David Pearson, vice-president of channel operations at Miller-Heiman, the world's largest sales-performance consulting and training firm, shares strategies on how to use cross-selling and up-selling to increase revenue.

For more info on Miller-Heiman, go to

"Smart Sales Strategies:
Cross-selling and Upselling: A How-to"



Pradeep Anand, an author and president of the marketing consultancy Seeta Resources, shares advice for immigrant salespeople unfamiliar with selling in the U.S. market.

For more info on Pradeep Anand, go to

"Selling Across Cultures"


Ed Brodow, author of "Negotiation Boot Camp: How to Resolve Conflict, Satisfy Customers, and Make Better Deals," reviews 10 basic negotiating strategies to help salespeople sell more and at better profits.

For more info on Ed Brodow, go to

Anthony Parinello, author of best-seller "Getting to VITO (The Very Important Top Officer)," talks about what's different about selling to VITOs, how to get through to them, and how they like to be sold.

For more info on Anthony Parinello, go to

Susan RoAne, author of "How to Work a Room: The Ultimate Guide to Savvy Socializing in Person and Online," shares her insights on using networking and social events to increase sales.

For more info on Susan RoAne,
go to

"Networking for Sellers"

Larry Winget, the host of the A&E reality show Big Spender and author of "It's Called WORK for a Reason: Your Success is Your Own Damn Fault," shares his outrageous selling principles.

For more info on Larry Winget, go to

"An “Irritational” Speaker on How to Sell More"

Hal Becker, the author of "Can I Have 5 Minutes of Your Time?" shares 12 powerful questions that can help you sell more.

For more info on Hal Becker, go to

"How Hal Becker Lands Sales"

Yi Ming Executive Coaching's Mr. Robin Adams of Beijing, China tells how to get past concerns about price during the sales process.

For more info on Robin Adams, go to

"When to Talk about the Price"

Rob "Waldo" Waldman, a former Air Force fighter pilot, offers his strategies for promoting teamwork and selling more.

For more info on Waldo Waldman, go to

"Promoting Teamwork and Sales"

Gloria Berthold, founder of, shares her insights on how to sell to the federal government.

For more info on Gloria Berthold, go to

"Selling to the Federal Government."

Doug Stevenson, president of Story Theater International, offers his strategies on using storytelling to make more sales.

For more info on Doug Stevenson, go to

"Sell it With a Story"

Maureen Blandford, founder of the Mind Time Group in Dayton, Ohio, speaks on reasons why business-to-business organizations should spend less on marketing and more on sales to increase revenues.

For more info on Maureen Blandford, go to

"Giving More Money to the Sales Side"

Veteran business ethics consultant Frank C. Bucaro offers his strategies to achieve success while maintaining integrity.

For more info on Frank Bucaro, go to

Warren Greshes, motivational speaker and author of “The Best Damn Sales Book Ever,” shares strategies for more effective sales prospecting. Greshes also offers a story of how one man sold a $100 million life insurance policy through cold calling.

For more info on Warren Greshes,
go to

Nadine Wong, an executive director with Morgan Stanley’s Private Wealth Management division, offers strategies for selling to high net-worth clients.

To contact Nadine Wong, go to

"Selling to Multi-Millionaires"

John Jantsch, author of "Duct Tape Marketing," talks about strategies to increase repeat sales, including a New Customer Kit.

For more info on John Jantsch, go to

"Developing Relationships with Long-time Customers"

Jon Manning, founder of Australia’s Sans Prix pricing consultancy, shares strategies on how to set prices and convince your customers to accept them.

For more info on Jon Manning, go to

"Setting Prices"

Author Ms. Eli Davidson shares a list of strategies on using video-sharing site YouTube as a sales tool.

For more info on Ms. Eli Davidson, go to

Mark Hunter, president of Omaha-based sales consulting firm The Sales Hunter, shares his strategies on how to distinguish between a prospective customer's minor concerns vs. major deal breakers.

For more info on Mark Hunter, go to

"Deal Breaker or No Big Deal?"

Nate Scholz, winner of the 2007 National Collegiate Sales Competition, and Jack Calabrese, director of hiring and training at Liberty Mutual, discuss the key traits for sales success.

For more info on the NCSC, go to


"Lessons from a Sales Contest Winner"

Why preparation, hustle, and being open to coaching are keys to sales success

Sales trainer and consultant Laura Posey explains why spending time on the golf course with customers or prospects can have a significant return on investment.

For more info on Laura Posey, go to

Using Golf to Increase to Sales

Why Golfing with Customers or Prospects Can Have a Significant ROI

Dr. Tony Alessandra says a salesperson's charisma is more important today than ever as customers become more image conscious. He talks about how to develop charisma and use it during sales.

For more info on Dr. Tony Alessandra, go to

Increasing a Salesperson's Appeal

How to develop charisma and use it during the sales process

Author Jeffrey Fox discusses 10 tips for bringing in and keeping new customers and clients, that is, how to be a rainmaker.

For more info on Jeffrey Fox, go to

Bringing in New Customers and Clients

How to incorporate rainmaking strategies into your sales routine

Sales consultant and author Jeff Thull shares strategies on how to talk persuasively about costs with customers to help close the sale.

For more info on Jeff Thull, go to

Talking About Costs to Close the Sale

How Salespeople Can Bring Up the Subject of Money with Clients


Sales trainer and author Terri Sjodin shares strategies to improve sales presentations and close more deals.

For more info on Terri Sjodin, go to

Giving Sales Presentations that Work

From Show and Tell to Show and Sell

Sales trainer and author Dave Kurlan talks about using what you know about baseball to sell more.

For more info on Dave Kurlan, go to

Using What You Know About Baseball to Sell More

Author and sales consultant Joanne Black talks about strategies for creating a referral-based business.

For more info on Joanne Black, go to

Time to Stop Cold Calling

Create a Business Based Entirely on Referrals

Ron Hubsher talks about why the traditional “sales funnel” concept should be turned upside down so salespeople have the time and resources to spend with prospective customers who are more likely to buy.

For more info on Ron Hubsher, go to

Turning the Sales Funnel Upside Down

Ron Hubsher Recommends Carefully Cultivating a Small Group of Clients

Author Joe Calloway talks about why having fun and "showing off" on the job is good for customers.

For more info on Joe Calloway, go to

Showing Off When Selling

Joe Calloway On Why Having Fun Benefits Customers

Sue Burnett, the founder of Burnett Staffing Specialists explains how her roles as deal closer, cheerleader, industry leader, award winner, and community member helped contribute to her company’s sales success.

For more info on Burnett Staffing Specialists, go to

The Leader’s Role in Selling

How the Founder and President of Burnett Staffing Specialists Helps Drive Sales

Mark Sanborn, author of bestseller, The Fred Factor, chats about interactions salespeople have with their customers. He offers ideas on creating more value for customers to increase sales and referrals.

For more info on Mark Sanborn, go to

Creating More Value for Customers

Author Mark Sanborn on Increasing Sales and Referrals

Focus on relationships, not technology, but be aware of the role gadgets and other platforms can play. That's the message for salespeople from marketing coach Terry Brock, president of Orlando’s Achievement Systems.

For more info on Terry Brock, go to

Selling with Technology

Marketing Coach Terry Brock

Susan Clark tells Michelle Nichols, Savvy Selling columnist and podcast host, about the 10 critical mistakes salespeople make with CRM (Customer Relationship Management software.)

For more info on Susan Clark, go to

Customer Relationship Management software

10 Critical Mistakes Salespeople Make with CRM

Jeb Blount, author of “PowerPrinciples” and founder of the sales training firm Sales Gravy, discusses 5 strategies to help salespeople get started, set goals, and overcome fears.

For more info on Jeb Blount, go to

Taking More Action When Selling

Jeb Blount Offers Five Strategies to Increase Sales Success

Consultant and author Marc Freeman talks about his five principles for successful renegotiating.

For more info on Marc Freeman, go to

How to Renegotiate

A new approach to the age-old game

Jigsaw CEO and co-founder Jim Fowler and Scott Allen, co-author of "The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online," talk about using Jigsaw and LinkedIn for selling.

For more info on Jim Fowler, go to

For more info on Scott Allen, go to

Selling with Jigsaw and LinkedIn

How to use online tools to help you sell more

Motivational speaker Ruben Gonzalez shares how the skills he learned in the Olympics apply to sales.

For more info on Ruben Gonzalez, go to

Building a Sales Support System

How to motivate yourself and others when faced with challenges on a sales call

Don Mardak discusses how using a barter exchange can help companies grow their sales.

For more info on Don Mardak, go to

Using Barter to Sell More

How to attract new customers, turn excess inventory into sales, and maintain profit margins

Veteran sales trainer Jim Jacobus discusses the four essential characteristics salespeople need to improve their selling skills and explains how to develop them.

For more info on Jim Jacobus, go to

Four Key Skills for Salespeople

How to improve your ability to sell





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