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Talks and Keynotes

Keynotes and Sales Training

Michelle Nichols is a veteran of the speaker's platform. She provides keynotes, and sales training. She has spoken to corporate sales groups, trade and member associations, small business owners, financial analysts, engineers, students. athletes and administrators.

She can deliver her presentations in a wide variety of formats:
* in person
* webinars- live or recorded
* audio teleseminars - live or recorded
* video recorded - live at multiple locations or for others to view later
* any combination of the above!

As the sales expert who wrote the Savvy Selling column and recorded the highly-rated Savvy Selling podcasts for, Michelle Nichols is an authority on sales. She brings extensive experience, insight, and critical thinking with a generous dose of enthusiasm to every event where she speaks..

As a speaker, she exudes enthusiasm and experience. And stories – thanks to her readers all over the world, Michelle has stories from every industry and for every situation. Audiences love Michelle because she brings fresh, new ideas with high-energy and high content. Her love of selling and her genuine concern to teach, as well as entertain, shine through when she’s on stage.

Insight and Critical Thinking
Her stories are original, from her own experience. Your audience will be sitting on the edge of their seats - learning and laughing.

Michelle's energy is infectious. She has had stogy business owners come up to her after she speaks and tell her, "Before you spoke, I wasn't all that interested in sales. But you were so enthusiastic, you got me excited about selling."

Celebrity Image
You can also use her celebrity image to build attendance at your next major meeting or event. Leverage her notoriety as a national - and international - sales columnist and champion.

Michelle is as enthusiastic as her writings. While she is a great (fun) instructor, she is also a good listener so she understands the needs of an organization before she starts to improve it.
Don Grogg, President, Texas Process Equipment (Industrial Pumps)

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Audiences agree - Michelle knows the secret of how to sell so people will buy, no matter whether they're selling products, services or ideas. She shares her thought-provoking ideas in a style that's high-energy with a touch of humor. She takes her subject seriously - but not herself. Click Here.

KEYNOTE (up to one hour)

A keynote is typically the first or last presentation of the day and/or conference. In the morning, it sets the theme for the rest of the program. An opening keynote is like an umbrella and the subsequent sessions usually fall under the umbrella's theme. At the end of the or program, it closes out the event, tying in key elements from the prior sessions. It sends the attendees back to their jobs with new ideas and renewed enthusiasm to put those ideas into practice.

Michelle Nichols

NEW! STOP Selling. START Closing Sales!

It's not hard for salespeople to be busy. The question is are they busy with selling activities - and forgetting to ask for the order? Do they ask early enough? Often enough? In ways that make it easy for customers to say "Yes?"

CEO magazine reported in 2009 that the #1 business challenge was not a lack of information. It was not a lack of new ideas. It was a lack of execution. In sales, we call that CLOSING.

Social marketing and networking events can increase prospecting. Dazzling Power Point slides may improve presenting. What are your sales professionals doing to close more sales?

This keynote reminds the audience to focus on asking for the order. It has lots of real, fresh stories from my 25 years of selling, sales trainng - and people watching.

NOTE: Keynote can be followed by Sales Training (see below)

Even non-salespeople can benefit from her programs!

Here's what an engineer from San Diego wrote:
Dear Michelle,
I am not a sales or a marketing person. In fact, I am a hard core engineer and have been so for over 10 years. However, I believe that sales is not just limited to selling a product, but in fact everything in our lives. Succeeding in winning the heart of the perfect match, getting accepted to a good school, finding the right job, winning the approval of your board, getting elected to office or motivating your kids - you need to sell.

(45 minutes to a half-day per topic)

Sales Training is more tactical and interactive than a keynote. It focuses on the questions, "How do we achieve X?" and "What are the steps we should take to be more Y?" It usually includes a customized workbook and can involve role-playing, for better learning.

Michelle Nichols

NEW! Kick Up Your Closing Ratio Using Science!
-imagine Bill Nye, the Science Guy, meets Zig Ziglar

Target Audience: Sales Professionals and Small Businesses Owners

Outcome: Audience members learn how to increase their closing ratios, so they can sell more, close faster and for more money - without spending any additional time, money or energy

Did you know that if your sales team applies the Golden Rule to their selling, they will only easily close their customers 10% of the time? Without this training, closing is difficult 90% of the time!

Learn the science behind why this is true - and how it directly impacts your sales team's closing ratio. If your team has fewer prospective customers than they did a year ago - maybe far fewer, this talk is for you!

Let's say you had 100 prospects a year ago and today, you only have 50. If you had a 10% closing ratio back then, to maintain your level of sales, you can either sell for more hours every day, or kick up your closing ratio!

This workshop shows you how to apply the science of the respected Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to improve your selling. You'll learn how to speed-read customers - by the way they walk, talk, dress and act - and then sell and close them!

Learn what it means, and how to close your customers when they:
- Give lots of eye contact
- Ask to read the manual or contract
- Announce the number of points they will cover
- Tell their children to behave
- Wear a 7-piece matching outfit

Audiences consistently give this class rave reviews. Recenly, an experienced insurance agent commented, "I wish I'd heard this talk yesterday. It would have helped me close a sale."

Learn more

Click here for 45 minute- Part 1 of this talk

24 Strategies to Overcome the Price Objection

"Your price is too high," is the most common rebuttal from prospective customers. Most salespeople have a few standard responses to the price objection, but that's not enough. Here, Michelle presents 24 ways to turn the customer around regarding the subject of price. If one doesn't work, there are plenty more to try again – and again – until they close the sale. Learn more

Note: If you have a bookstore, you can sell my corresponding CD and transcript: What Your Customer DOESN’T Want You to Know: 72 Ways to Overcome the Price Objection.

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